Special Edition- Nationals Park: Home of the Washington Nationals

Special Edition- Nationals Park: Home of the Washington Nationals

Located in the Southeast quadrant of our nation's capital, you will find a ballpark that just seems out of place. While the stadium seems relatively new, the location feels to be a little inconvenient and the concession prices were extremely unfriendly.

Location/ Scenery/ Amenities (4/5)

The ballpark itself was a great place to watch a game. The design is spectacular and I especially admire the batters eye decorations. I believe it is one of the best batters eye's in all of baseball. The location of the ballpark is a little suspect. The baseball and soccer stadiums both reside in the southeast quadrant, an area that has long been run down and neglected. However, in recent years the area has transformed into a modern residential zone. While the surrounding area is now decorated with new buildings, that does not eliminate the fact that the majority of fans still need to travel by public transportation or by car to get to the ballpark. This left the trains and metro stations becoming overcrowded and severly impacted how fast fans got to the ballpark. I think that if the ballpark was built in an area closer to the city that offered an easier walk for fans, this could be one of the best ballparks in baseball. Aside from that, I thought Nationals Park offered quality amenities. There were areas such as the Budweiser BrewHouse that allowed fans to enjoy the game in an alternate setting and the concourses were fairly wide which accommodated fans well.

Food (3.2/5)

During my visit I did not have a chance to experience the food aspect of Nationals Park for two reasons. For one, the lines were extremely long and I did not feel like wasting an inning of baseball for food. Secondly, the food was outrageously expensive. If you do take the time to pay a visit to Nationals Park, I highly recommend the famous Maryland Crab Cake Sandwich although it will set you back $24.99 plus tax (%10). Paying that amount of money for food is highway robbery and is a shame to Nationals Park. A 2023 study by USA Today discovered that Nationals Park ranks sixth in the most expensive concessions in the MLB. For these reasons, I didn't feel compelled to order food.

I did, however, purchase a Margarita and Daiquiri Swirl ($19.99) which was very refreshing on a summer afternoon. I also scored a great cup from the drink. Overall, the food scene looked good, but not at all worth the prices.

Entertainment (4.1/5)

Nationals Park did a pretty good job in the entertainment department. The music was good throughout the game and the on-field events were entertaining. But I can't write this review without mentioning the Presidents' Race which was the highlight of the entertainment. I do wish there was a little more here experience but it got the job done.

Sam's Score: 75.3/100

Overall, Nationals Park is a neat and modern stadium to catch a game at. However, aspects such as it's inconvenient location, high food prices, and a minor lack of entertainment held this ballpark back from being a great ballpark. Hopefully I can make another visit soon when Nationals Park gets their act together.