The Ballpark Review is an independent publication that was created in 2024 with the intent to publicize the positives and negatives of every ballpark in America thus preparing YOU for your next ballpark!

About me: My name is Sam and I have been a baseball fan my entire life. I grew up in Syracuse, New York and went to plenty Syracuse Chiefs games (now known as the Syracuse Mets). I have always enjoyed the flare and personality that minor league baseball has. In my high school years, I started to dream of visiting every minor league ballpark, so here I am!

About the blog: The purpose of this blog is to inform readers about each minor league ballpark. Hopefully readers will be inspired to do the same journey as me! Each post will follow the same format (at least I'll do my best). I will open with my personal experience which might include a story or two. Then I will highlight the three main aspects that I think are important to the overall experience, location/scenery/amenities, food/drinks, and entertainment. Finally, I will give each ballpark a grade out of 100.

Want to learn more about Ballparks around America while planning some road trips of your own? The Ballpark Review, featuring in-depth write-ups and evaluations of every ballpark, is here to help.

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